NUHSA Endorses City of Shoreline Proposition 1
With all the attention this election cycle on the presidential race, it’s easy for city propositions to get lost. But that doesn’t mean they’re not important! City propositions can have a far more direct impact on our daily lives, and there’s one on this year’s ballot NUHSA cares deeply about.
The City of Shoreline’s Proposition 1: Levy Lid Lift is a maintenance and operations levy to maintain basic public safety, parks & recreation, and community services.
This is not a new tax, but rather a request to continue funding important city programs at the same rate as they have been from 2010 to 2016.
Losing this funding would be devastating to our local human services agencies at a time when the need is already drastically increasing.
From the Proposition statement:
Proposition 1 would help fund and maintain current levels of police and emergency service, including neighborhood safety and traffic patrols; school safety programs; and community crime prevention programs. Proposition 1 would also help fund park and trail maintenance; playgrounds and play equipment; ball fields, restrooms and the Shoreline pool; and preserve recreation programs for youth, families, and seniors. Proposition 1 would also continue funding for community services for seniors, youth, and individuals and families in need. Levy funds will not be used to replace existing funds used to pay costs of such programs and services.
NUHSA’s Board met this week and voted to ENDORSE Proposition 1.
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