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Advocate for human services on our Policy Committee. Strengthen our membership on the Planning Committee. Use our map to find a local volunteer opp!
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Imagine a glass of water. Just nothing but pure H2O. Now imagine that you release a drop of something into the water. It doesn’t matter what it is: ink, salt, lemon juice, blood, whatever you can think of. You know what happens. The drop doesn’t stay confined to the area in which you initially dropped it. The drop, whether of something good or bad, spreads. Eventually, the entire glass of water is infused with whatever was in that drop. That’s the way community works. If one of us struggles, it doesn’t affect just that person; it affects all of us. A struggling person is, in effect, a struggling community. This is where human services come in, and that’s where NUHSA comes in. NUHSA is the North Urban Human Services Alliance. NUHSA advocates for human services in North King County ... Learn More »
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