Why does our work matter?

Human services seek to develop the full potential of everyone, and in so doing, make our communities stronger as well.

Most of us will use one or more human services sometime in our lifetime. For some of us it will be an unexpected adverse life event or an injury or illness that creates a sudden need for help. Often people are unaware of services until the need arises. Services such as vocational rehabilitation, emergency financial assistance or counseling can help a family recover and move on from a personal crisis.

For most, the need for human services is a predictable part of each stage of life. Children need quality pre-school and help to be ready for college or work. Adults may require a mental health service for an autistic child, use a wellness program, need re-training after a job loss or help for aging parents.

Human services matter today more than ever because funding at all levels is threatened, while at the same time sustained high levels of poverty and underemployment continue. This continued struggle makes it that much more for citizens and their elected officials to value and support human services.

NUHSA seeks to raise awareness of the human service needs in our area and the agencies working to address it. NUHSA facilitates the connections needed for North King County agencies to pool resources and collectively become a more powerful voice, amplifying the effectiveness of their advocacy efforts.