Service Area

Statement of Need

Why North King County? We live in an area where poverty and struggle are often not seen. Broad geographical areas, limited public transportation, small agencies, and a lack of understanding of the numbers of community members needing assistance has made bringing the issues of human service needs to light difficult. The invisibility of peoples’ struggle leaves human service agencies on a constant crusade to bring awareness to their cause and even their existence. Agencies themselves are often unaware of each other. Low income residents, immigrants, refugees and communities of color are prevalent in North King County but often do not have services tailored to their needs, marginalizing them further. Additionally, North King County lacks the big corporations who are often dependable sources of donations and volunteers.

 Service Area Map

NUHSA’s service area is shaded in purple.

Map created using King County’s Interactive Mapping Tool, iMAP, accessible at

NKC Website Map Legend

NKC Website Map Legend