Public Forum Dates: Consolidated Housing & Community Development

Take Action for Affordable Housing in Shoreline!
An Advocacy Alert from the Housing Development Consortium (HDC)

We have an exciting opportunity to make sure that Shoreline is a city where people of all incomes can thrive. The City is currently considering an incentive zoning policy for its 185th light rail station area.

Incentive zoning policies ensure that a portion of new development in select areas of a city is affordable to families earning low and moderate incomes.

The Planning Commission is going over the details of this program with a fine toothed comb before sending them to Council, and we need to make sure the Commission and Council know how important affordable housing is for the city. Hearing from folks who live and work in Shoreline can really move them toward support.

There are a few things you can do to help:

  1. Email the Planning Commission and City Council: We’ve pre-drafted a sample letter, so if you are pressed for time, all you have to do is click send. If you have 5 minutes, we strongly encourage you to edit the letter, letting them know that you live or work in Shoreline and support of more affordable housing. Telling a story about the affordable housing needs you see in the community or the volunteer work you’ve done can be extremely effective.
  2. Attend a Planning Commission or City Council meeting to testify in person. It’s not necessary to attend every meeting, but if each person can make one or two (or get some friends to join them!) we can really make a difference.

Here are some key dates:

December 18: Planning Commission Meeting on Proposed Regulations, 7pm
January 15: Planning Commission Public Hearing, 7pm
January 26: City Council Discussion of Affordable Housing Regulations, 7pm
February 23: City Council Adoption of Subarea Plan, 7pm

Please let Kayla Schott-Bresler know which of these meetings you are able to attend and if you are able to bring friends with you. HDC is happy to send you talking points and will be there testifying alongside you.

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